Particle Self-Portrait

This is an example of instancing, based on a point cloud, created from a 3d model. Created in TouchDesigner from a self-portrait, 3D model captured with photogrammetry.


Playing with generative adversarial networks to create abstract landscapes.

Reactive AR

Playing with target based AR, where manipulating the physical target affects the digital content

Motion Capture Transformation

Playing with Kurt Kaminski's fluid shader, along with Kinect to create an ink effect driven by people's movements.

Edge Finding Experiments

Created using TouchDesigner, playing around with live video feed manipulations.

Audio Reactive Particles

Audio reactive particles built in TouchDesigner while exploring glsl. There's no sound here (due to copyright), but I promise you it is audio reactive!

VR Game Slice

Little Menagerie is a slice of a world building game in VR that my team and I concieved of and built in under 3 weeks. Little Menagerie was created by myself (Unity programming, Troubleshooting), Alessia Ianni-Palarchio (Unity Programming, Documentation, Troubleshooting), Caroline Poon (Music, Sound effects), Jade Wu (3D modelling, Level design), and Sunny Ho (3D modelling).
screengrab of website landing-page

Website For Children's Book

Website developed for a yet-to-be-released children's book.

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One of the digital shorts created as an asset for Serena Lee's Needle to Sea Bottom as a part of the Public Visualization Lab at OCAD U.


One of my first AR projects. Using AR as a medium for dance and performance.